32″ Freestyle Linear Drain ABS Body with Cross-Hatch Strainer $654.50

By July 6, 2018Shower fixtures

Design Creativity

• Contemporary styling with a selection of six drain lengths and four brushed stainless steel strainer styles
• FreeStyle Linear Drains allow the use larger tiles for greater design flexibility (larger tiles also mean greater point load strength)
• Customization – order a custom size, and/or strainer styles to meet your design or construction needs (minimums required)

Installation Versatility

• Membrane clamping mechanism ensures reliable, watertight installation
• Simple and practical installation. Just fasten the Freestyle Linear Drain to the floor (drain body is flat on the bottom for quick fastening), tie in the plumbing, and attach membrane to clamping mechanism.

Functional Reliability

• Membrane clamping mechanism ensures a watertight seal with the shower’s membrane system. Provides shower with a monolithic waterproof envelope
• One-Piece ABS construction ensures dependable performance with no manufactured seams
• Internal, vertical pre-strainer acts as a safety net to keep plumbing clear and prevents foreign objects from going down the drain.


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